Communication breakdown



After another long day of dealing with people who should be issued with crayons rather than pens, I headed home to some temporary kind of insanity. 

As I sat back, I overheard a rather interesting and amusing conversation between a small group of elderly gentlemen who must have all been pushing 70.

As the train slowly lumbered along and headed home bound, they played and fidgeted with their various smart phones, and the conversation regarding technology and how they all use it on a daily basis and what devices they use was the major topic. 

The conversation flowed smoothly for a while until it moved to how and where they store their various photographs and music, as they had limited space in their phones. One gent proudly tells his friends he stores all his stuff in the cloud.

A few very awkward moments pass and one of the others responds. How do you get your stuff back if it’s a sunny day?

So, when I finally get to that ‘old age’ moment, I am sure there will be a long line of people willing to help me out. Either that or they will have some serious fun at my expense. 

The pack mule

As the evening shopping expedition came close to an end and we were heading to the safety of the car, my lovely wife stopped at a women’s clothing store and much to my dismay, began browsing through a few items.
So after an undisclosed amount of time, a number of items had been discarded and a few had been carefully selected
The next part was simple, swipe my credit card, pay for the items and head home to sip coffee in front of a blazing fire.
So with items paid for, the sales assistant handed Toni the receipt, and then handed me the bag of clothes.
Now, not only did I hang around the store while Toni tried on clothes, I paid for the items, and then I was expected to carry the clothes, with the other bags of items I was already lugging around.

It seems a husband’s job is never done