The path to heaven is full of sinners and believers

If I had to sit back and think through my life and where I will end up, I would struggle to come up with an answer. Apart from the obvious one, in a pine box and six foot under.
On the long and winding road we call life, we come across many people, some sinners, and others believers. These people cross our paths for a specific reason, even if we don’t realise it at the time.

It may take months, or sometimes even years to understand why we these people ventured into our lives. They may have been with us for the briefest of moments or stayed with us for years, and are possibly still in our lives.

But sometimes it’s the people who come into our lives for the shortest period of time that make the most impact, or leave us wondering why we were with them for such a short time.

There is no simple answer to this, but most likely they came into our lives for a single purpose. They knowingly or unknowingly achieved what they were meant to do and then drifted off.

We can believe what we want, but the sinners in our lives are with us to make us see the grass on the other side. And it’s up to us to decide if we want to jump the fence and see if the grass really is the right shade of green other side and if it’s what we really want. Sometimes it is, and other times the grass has dried out lost its lush greenery.

Then there are the believers who come into our lives. Just like the sinners, they have shown up for a reason. That reason may be to show us we are worth more than we think we are and we are not a burden to others, as we may sometimes think.

Apart from having sinners and believers in our lives, we also need to follow the path we truly believe, either go and check out greener pastures by jumping the fence, or believing we are better than what we think.

No matter which path we take, it will all end in a pine box.

So while we wait to lay in that pine box, we need to enjoy the journey and do what’s best for us, even if others don’t agree with our descisions.

God’s Worst Enemy Or Nothing? Your Choice

If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?

This statement can be taken in many ways by so many people. But what the real question is, would you rather be known for notoriety, or just be another faceless and unknown person in the crowd?

To be know for your notoriety can be a simple as the person who takes the last slice of cake from the plate or the guy who grabs the last beer from the fridge and not replacing it with a fresh six pack.

The question also pertains to the person who walks into a crowded mall wearing a suicide vest and detonating it, killing himself and so many other innocent bystanders. The suicide bomber will never know if his deed made him notorious, as he died the instant the bomb exploded.

On the other hand there is the serial killer who taunts and plays with the police, finally being caught and thrown into prison and let to rot.
This is the type of person who can, and will gloat when his face is plastered all over the papers and TV for the heinous crimes he committed.

Then there is the other option of being a faceless person in the huge crowd. Never being noticed by anyone for anything. Is this the better option?

For some people this is the perfect way for them to go through their lives, not making waves and laying low. Doing their own thing and letting life pass them by.

As long as either option doesn’t cause harm, injury or pain to others, it is up to each person to decide in how they choose to live life.

If it means taking the last beer from the fridge and not replacing it, or blending into the world crowd like a chameleon. It’s a personal choice.

What’s your choice?