Happiness is a coffee and a jam donut

With darkness surrounding me, the air is chilly as the few rays of sunshine are well and truly gone. Not a star in the sky as clouds cover every inch of the sky. 

There is a lot to be said about darkness and solitude. It can bring out the best in some, and in others a feeling of gloom. It all depends on the way one looks at it. 

Tonight is one of those nights with mixed emotions, not sadness, but not a feeling of being over the moon. Kinda average. But that’s better than scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for something to smile about. 

We just need to look at what we have in our lives, and make the most of it. Even if that one thing that makes you smile is coffee and a nice jam donut. 

So, I’m smiling as I was lucky enough to have a great coffee and fantastic jam donut.   And as a bonus, my son was at the cafe and made me a mushroom and fig jam sandwich with goats cheese. Something he wants to add to the menu. Am looking forward to the he final product. 

All in all, lots of reasons to keep smiling. 

Keep looking around, and you will find something to make you smile. 

The One Handed Chef 

After a few weeks in the back brace, and been stuck at home becoming bored out my mind, I decided it was time I put my culinary skills back to use and make a simple, and nutritious dinner for the girls who had been staying over and making sure I didn’t hurt myself any further. 

I contacted Riley and told her I would make a vegetarian pasta for dinner for all of us. Got the thumbs up over text. It sounded like a good plan at the time, but not much thought had been put into the entire end-to-end process it seems. 

So after struggling for 15 minutes while trying to get ingredients from the bottom shelf of the fridge with my extension grip contraption, I started to see a number of flaws in my master plan.

Major flaw 1. Not everything I needed, and wanted to add to the pasta was at my reach. Minor issue I thought and ploughed on. 

Getting the pot onto the stovetop was one thing, filling it with water was another issue entirely. And I discovered, where there is a will, there is a way. And once the pot was eventually filled with water, a glass at a time, I began my search for the pasta. 

Major flaw number 2. I remembered the pasta was in the very bottom shelf of the pantry, and behind numerous packets of rice, noodles and other various items I had no idea we even had. But then, I did manage to find a packet of pasta for the nightly meal after emptying the entire contents of the shelf onto the floor. Not the type of pasta I really wanted, but the search had gone on long enough. 

Apart from the fact that packets of rice, noodles, shredded coconut, polenta and other grains were strewn across the kitchen floor, I had the last ingredient I needed for the meal. 

On the upside, the extensive search uncovered four packets of rare Ores of varying flavours, which were quickly devoured over the next few days. The peanut butter ones were the best in my opinion. 

By this stage, the water was boiling and ready for the pasta. So after adding salt to the water, the pasta was dropped in, and of course, I got splashed with boiling water. 

Boiling water 1. 

Me 0. 

Major flaw 3 Pasta cooked to perfection. No idea or ability to get the heavy pot with water and pasta off stovetop. 
Bright idea. Scoop pasta out first with tongs and then water, using a small bowl. 

Boiling water 5. 

Me 0. 

I did eventually complete the meal, and then looked down at the floor and everything I had taken out of cupboards and not been able to put away. 

Riley problem I thought. As was the cleaning up. Which looked like a major task in itself. 

I’m not sure Riley saw the funny side to the situation, but she did put everything away, had dinner and then washed up the ‘few’ remaining items. 

I was told the meal was very nice. It was also suggested that I should not cook again until I could do ALL my own cleaning up.  

Back to tinned tuna it is…