Little White Lies

No matter who we are, there is no doubt we have told a little white lie or two, or perhaps a few more. Some of them have been to not get busted after doing something wrong, while others may have been not to hurt other people’s feelings. Either way, we have been able to justify those lies to ourselves. Right or wrong.

The thing about the little white lies is that they eventually catch up and end up biting you on the arse. Sometimes leaving deep fang marks.

No matter what we think at the time, in the end the truth is the best way forward, even if there is some pain and heartache for the person who would have been lied to.

Then there is the fact of living in the lie, losing sleep and wanting it to end. It goes round in a neverending loop, getting deeeper and deeper with what seems no way out.

Even if we think we are doing the right thing and continue the lie so not to hurt someone who is close to us, it is better to tell the truth. There is a very good chance they will understand and life can go on.

If the lie cuts deep, the end result may not be what you really want, but its for the best for all involved and may be what we need to move forward with our lives.

Is it truly easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission?