With everything in our lives, we need to make sure it gets all the TLC it needs to continue to stand on its own two feet, or to keep growing as it should. This means we need to take care of all the things in our lives, human, animal or even structural.

As I visited a good friend not long ago, I looked out of his backyard and saw the house behind him in was in a state of complete disrepair. It had been neglected for many years was in desperate need of some TLC. In fact, it could do with a complete overhaul. A fresh lick of paint was not going to do much to the property. A lick of paint would have the very same effect as putting lipstick on a pig.

On the off chance someone decided to put in the effort and give the place the TLC it needed, there is a very good possibility it could be restored back to it’s original state, and perhaps continue to be what it was first built to be. A home sweet home. A place where a family belonged and shared many memories together.

Some TLC goes a long way, not just on run down properties. It can make a person who is down in the dumps look up and smile and see the world in a completely different light, knowing that a person they care for feels the same way about them, and are willing to put in the effort to get them back to a happy state of mind.

TLC can be as simple as an acknowledging smile, a tender touch or even a few kind words of encouragement. In today’s technology based society, a simple text message would suffice. It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering gesture, but one that will make a difference. A huge difference.

There are many ways to show some TLC, spoken or unspoken. But in the end, that TLC needs to come from the heart, and it’s not just a gesture of show. If it’s just for show, it means diddly squat.

Take a chance on someone and give them some tender loving care, you may be surprised at what you receive in return.

Brave Face


There is the face we show the world. And another we keep hidden and only see when we look in the mirror to see it staring back at us.


We tend not to show the world and the people around us how we feel. On the outside we are bright and bubbly, always quick with a joke and ready for a laugh.  But beneath the facade of happiness lies a another part of us we keep hidden.  A part of our lives we dread to show the world.

hidden life

We keep our inner selves so well hidden at times, that even we truly have no idea of what lies beneath.  We are so afraid to let our feelings show, we keep pushing them into the furthest crevices of  our minds until we think they can never rise back and bother us.

But in time they will rise to the surface, and it will happen when we least want them back.  But they are there. Waiting for the right moment to make a reappearance into our lives and bring us crashing back down to terra firma.


Keeping our emotions buried deep will only make it harder to accept the real facts when they eventually surface. We need to drag them out form the darkness before they really do ruin our lives completely.

We can’t continue to dodge a bullet. And that’s exactly what our inner feelings are. A bullet with our name on it. So before the bullet is shot, we need to release it from the gun barrel and let it drop, before it takes us down.

dodge a bullet

As much as we think we can beat our inner demons alone, there is a much better chance of succeeding if we share the burden.  And that in itself is the harder layer, acknowledging we have a real problem.


Don’t do it alone, a problem shared is a problem halved.


Shattered dreams and inner strength 

From the time we can remember, our heads are filled with dreams of how our lives will turn out when we get that little bit older and become ‘grown ups’.

Some of us dream of growing up and being a policeman, a doctor, nurse or even a chef. But as we progress in life, our dreams take a different path for one reason or another. From day to day we snake through the jungle of what we call life.

So when we are old enough and entrenched in a full time job, and perhaps not the one we dreamt about in our younger years. We keep going and make the best of what we have. Because it’s what we do. We keep going and don’t give up.

But the thought of giving up on our dreams is something that is easier to do than to keep chasing. The dreams from our childhood or others dreams that have flooded our minds as we have grown up.

And then there comes a time in our lives when something happens and takes away all our dreams in the blink of an eye. An instant that changes us and the very person we are, and all our dreams go up in a puff of smoke. Gone. But not forgotten.

It’s at this point we realise we have choices. Get up of our bums, dust ourselves off and keep chasing our dreams. Or we can let go of what we wanted and quietly fade away into the background of life.

One option is so much easier that the other. But they are exactly that. Options.

I know that getting up and forging forward after a setback, and then another is not as simple as that. It takes strength, inner strength. Not just physical strength to get out of bed every morning. But the mental strength to to know that what we want can’t be achieved alone. And that’s the tough part. Admitting we can’t go it alone.

It’s at this point we need to lean on someone who is there for us and who is willing to break through the mental barrier that is holding us back from achieving our goals. Our happiness.

We’re only human. And we have flaws and failures. And to continue on, we really need to admit to ourselves we need that helping hand.

Let others help when they want. They are the ones who see us when we are down and out. Even when we see a perfect future ahead of us.