What’s in a nameĀ 

With the sun streaming down onto my back, I kept my rolling legs over and letting the kms zip code by as the heat of the day began to set in. The day was meant to be a warm one, so with 70kms under my belt, I took one last drink break at Safety Beach before tackling the last 10 kms home.

As I stood against the old wooden seats and let my eyes take in the beauty of the water as it gently lapped against the well worn shore. Sipping from my near empty water bottle, I heard the scampering of feet close by.

As I turned around, I saw an elderly gentleman ease himself into the seat closest to me. I smiled and commented on the weather and then if he and his dog we’re enjoying their morning walk.

It was when I looked at the faithful dog standing next to him, it was a shock to the eyes that I saw he only had three legs, missing a hind leg, but managed to get around easily enough.

I bent down to pat the dog, and he accepted my hand and the scratches behind his floppy ears. As I continued to scratch him, I looked up at the owner and asked what happened.

His response tugged at my heart.

I’ve had him for 20 years now. When he was 12 years old, they found a tumor in his back leg. They told me he could be saved if the leg was removed with the tumor.

He was my only friend. My wife had passed away a number of years before and he was the only family I had left. The operation was going to be expensive, and I didn’t have the spare cash. So I did what anyone would do to save a family member. I sold my car to raise the money. He got through the operation and the tumor is gone. And I still have my best friend.

As I stood up, I told him I wished people would look after their family as he had looked after his family.

I replaced my bottle into my drink cage and was about to take off.

What’s his name?

He smiled as he replied. ‘Lucky’

After hearing that, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the remainder of the trip home.