Real men don’t eat quiche, and boys don’t cry.

Real men don’t eat quiche, and boys don’t cry.

I call bullshit to both of those statements.

There are times in our lives we need to let go of something that is either embedded somewhere in our minds, or in our bodies. It can be a simple thing as a build-up of mixed emotions that have been festering deep inside of us for longer than we know, or sometimes, even care to remember.

That tiny mole hill finally erupts with a force that we never knew existed in ourselves, and turns into a mountain as high as Mount Everest. But it may not need Sir Edmund Hillary to conquer it. In most cases, all it needs is communication, a sympathetic ear that is willing to listen, and perhaps, just perhaps, a shoulder to cry on, as the emotions finally break free of their shackles.

For some people, just the thought of expressing their true inner feelings is enough to send them over the edge and force them to hastily retreat to the warmth of a safe cacoon, or if that is not readily available, the sanctuary of a bed, and a set of heavy covers. But that doesn’t need to be the case,

The first step is to understand we are all human, and we all have different feelings and a very different way of showing and expressing them, but they are there to be shared, at least with the people who are close and care for us. And those people will be there when we need them, of that I am certain.

The past four weeks have been a roller coaster of very mixed emotions with more lows, than highs, and there will be many more of each as I continue on the road to recovery. I know there will be family and friends around who have that sympathetic ear to listen to my fears, and my joys as I head back to full health, and that shoulder to cry on, when the time finally comes for the tears to fall freely.

As for eating quiche, I prefer mine cold and served with a tomato and green salad, minus the raw onions.