What’s mine is mine…

With still a long road of rehabilitation ahead, I headed to the pool for another hydrotherapy session. The more the better I guess in this situation. So the physio keeps telling me. 

So after an hour of pool work, it was time to hit the showers and grab a coffee before continuing with the day. 

Now I would like to take this opportunity for a huge call out to the low life who stole my new ASIC runners from the Croydon AquaHub while I was showering. He also  took off with my water bottle. I should be thankful my wallet, phone and watch weren’t stolen. 

The other sad part to this story is I then had to get home in a pair of thongs which use in the shower. Not a great look, but they did the job. 

This was one guy who an opportunity and ran with it.

Hoping Karma bites him on the arse when he is out running in my shoes. 

Breaking rules 

There are times you just need to break out of your shell and do something you know isn’t always right. As was the case on my morning ride along the bay and up to Point Nepean.

The road stops about 3 kms short to the most westerly point on the Mornington peninsula and to some sights only seen by a getting there on foot or by shuttle bus. No bikes allowed! As if…

Well, today was the day I would finally see the sights it had offer. A few of the guys I ride with have been down there and recommended the short sharp ride for the views.

The very quick ride down was a little more painful than i anticipated as I mis judged a corner and ended up in a pile of soft sand. No damage to the bike and a cut and bloodied knee for my efforts.

Finally at the bottom, the views were incredible as was the atmosphere of just standing so close to the breaking waves and the feel of the light breeze in a place where I knew I shouldn’t be.

The ride back was harder than I expected, and by the time I reached the top, my legs were burning and felt every downward stroke of my pedals. But the pain was worth the view and the serenity.

Some rules are meant to be bent a little, and not broken.

AC/DC – Breaking the rules


It’s a well-known fact that we, as a society can resist everything but temptation. There are so many objects of desire surrounding us in our daily lives; items that have been created to entice us in eating them, buying them, or just having them, legally, or in some cases, illegally.

We are confronted with so many temptations on such a regular basis, that we find it difficult to say no to the things that we are truly forbidden from having. These forbidden fruits are so tempting that most of us, at one stage of our lives give in to the sheer pleasure of having something that is both, illicit and forbidding.

No matter what we think and say, it’s human nature to want something that we can’t have, or at least shouldn’t have, and in most cases, something we really don’t need. The fact of the matter is, we normally want what we don’t normally need, but we are still tempted.

We are continuously tempted in so many ways, and for such a long time, that we eventually succumb to the temptation.

All we need to do is to go back to the very beginning of time itself, when Adam and Eve innocently wandered around the Garden of Eden, dressed only in their fig leaves.

And these fig leaves were the standard run of the mill fig leaves which had been pulled of an every day fig tree, they were not your designer label fig leaves that most people of today’s society would want. Can you imagine Adam and Eve wandering around the Garden of Eden, and sporting a matching set of Gucci, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, or Ralph Lauren fig leaves?

The young naive couple was tempted with the forbidden apple and they were drawn to the apple tree and its fruits as a bee is drawn to a honey pot; as moths are to a flame, and as dogs are to a fire hydrant.

Although many of these temptations are bad for us in so many ways, we continue to chase them down with a vengeance, as we search high and low for these forbidden fruits to satisfy our carnal desires. We go out of our way to ensure that we get what we want, at any price.

This is the very same within all the major department stores around this great money sucking country of ours. The marketing departments of all these stores, and every single one of their devious employees exploit the one major weakness that all women have. The bargain trolley.

They set up this woman magnet, filled with cheap, broken and mostly useless items in the most obvious places. Management knows that these items will be sold easily enough and will fleece bargain hunters. All women out there know a bargain when they see one; even if they don’t need the item, it’s still a bargain. This cheap and brash purchase, will more than likely sell quickly, and even cheaper at the next garage sale.

What I don’t understand as a mere male, is that if a pair of boots costs $220.00, and a woman manages to buy them for $170.00, she has saved money. I know my mathematics isn’t one of my best skills, but I am certain I would have $170.00 if she had not purchased them in the first place.

To end off an argument I know I have no way of winning, I can only summarise with this – It has been said on so many occasions, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s a real pity that most of the trash has been purchased by the woman of the house.