With everything in our lives, we need to make sure it gets all the TLC it needs to continue to stand on its own two feet, or to keep growing as it should. This means we need to take care of all the things in our lives, human, animal or even structural.

As I visited a good friend not long ago, I looked out of his backyard and saw the house behind him in was in a state of complete disrepair. It had been neglected for many years was in desperate need of some TLC. In fact, it could do with a complete overhaul. A fresh lick of paint was not going to do much to the property. A lick of paint would have the very same effect as putting lipstick on a pig.

On the off chance someone decided to put in the effort and give the place the TLC it needed, there is a very good possibility it could be restored back to it’s original state, and perhaps continue to be what it was first built to be. A home sweet home. A place where a family belonged and shared many memories together.

Some TLC goes a long way, not just on run down properties. It can make a person who is down in the dumps look up and smile and see the world in a completely different light, knowing that a person they care for feels the same way about them, and are willing to put in the effort to get them back to a happy state of mind.

TLC can be as simple as an acknowledging smile, a tender touch or even a few kind words of encouragement. In today’s technology based society, a simple text message would suffice. It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering gesture, but one that will make a difference. A huge difference.

There are many ways to show some TLC, spoken or unspoken. But in the end, that TLC needs to come from the heart, and it’s not just a gesture of show. If it’s just for show, it means diddly squat.

Take a chance on someone and give them some tender loving care, you may be surprised at what you receive in return.