Winter is coming

For all of those who think this blog is all about Game of Thrones, prepare to be disappointed.  

Winter is just around the corner in Australia.  And the further south in this great southern land, the colder it gets. 

Life in Melbourne during the long and miserable winter months is not something most people look forward to, and cyclists dread the thought of cold and wet mornings when they are getting ready to head out for a ride. 

Not only does it take three times as long to get ready for a ride, with all the extra layers of clothing, and then if it’s raining, the waterproof booties also take an extraordinary amount of precious cycling time away. 

But, the worst bit about winter cycling; once I am layered up, my bladder decides it requires one more indoor pitstop before hitting the road. 

Once out and about, most of the body warms up except for the face and ears. Depending on the temperature, the fingers may also be frozen solid, making stopping rather difficult and painful. 

But, the end goal of a hot coffee, and an even hotter shower is one of the treats that gets me through most of my winter rides. Other times, sheer stupidly pushes me onwards. 

Once home, cold, shivering and dripping wet. The next task is one of the most difficult. Getting to the shower without leaving a trail of mud and water across the floors. 

Some things for a cyclist are near impossible. This just happens to be one of those things