With everything we have in our lives and our homes, it would be difficult to become bored with it all. But there are times when no matter what we have at our disposal, we get bored. And I know that as a fact right now.

After having had the ability to move and go wherever I want, and whenever I felt the need, it’s a shock to the system to have to stay indoors and wait for someone to take me out somewhere, other than for a walk around the block.

Even the thought of watching TV or Netflix has very little appeal right now. The one event that is helping me keep my sanity is the Tour de France. Watching live stages is the one thing that is keeping my boredom at bay, but only just. And the TDF only has 12 stages left to race.

So when and how do we get to a point in our lives where there is nothing around us that has the ability to keep us not only busy, but keep the boredom at bay.

We have the ability to chat to people around the globe using Skype or other messenger programs, but we can still find it easy enough to be bored stupid with everything.

We can have hundreds of ‘friends’ we chat with, but when it comes down to it, how many people do we have in our lives who really know us intimately and deep enough that keep our minds and our hearts going and keep the days of boredom away.

Have we become so dependent on the technology in our lives that we are unable to sit and talk to each other over a cup of coffee and put together a plan on keeping the boredom from our days.

If I had a choice right now, I would be on a road bike, cruising through the streets and hills of a foreign country, taking in the scenery and stopping in the side of the road to smell the flowers. Checking into a bed and breakfast and then continuing my journey the next morning. Destination unknown.

But, a foreign country is a little out of my reach at the moment, so I will have to settle for a long and dusty ride along the Warburton trail  this year on my trusty mountain bike. Away from cars and road rage.